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Mobile Health and 
Medical Units For Hospitals 
and Community Clinics

For COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Capacity Building


Ensuring health and safety for individuals, communities, and health care facilities 

Hospital Grade Units

  • These high efficiency, mobile health and medical units have been designed for use as assessment and treatment centres, transition spaces for staff and patients, disinfecting stations, and quarantine / self isolation units.

  • All units are wheelchair accessible. They are comfortable and durable in all weather conditions with minimal energy input, and can remain on a trailer for mobility or can be easily installed on a low impact foundation.


Product Details

All units are constructed with the energy efficient Harmonic Advanced Building Envelope Technology
using materials with a superior health and safety profile

  • High Indoor air quality

  • Incredibly thermally efficient

  • Mold and mildew resistant

  • Structurally durable -
    withstands hurricane, floods, earthquakes and fire

The Universal

This high performance unit is ideal for use as an assessment and treatment centre, and features a self contained disinfecting / decontamination station with its own entrance and exit.
The Universal

The MultiCare

This versatile model can be used as an assessment and treatment clinic, a transition centre, or a self isolation unit for staff or patients.
The MultiCare
The MicroCare

The MicroCare

This space efficient model can be used as an day assessment or treatment clinic, transition centre, or short term self isolation unit for staff or patients.

The Technology

Building Technology



is Net Zero Ready

A Harmonic building envelope can be installed 2-3x faster compared to constructing with wood and other materials
  • Feris products are rated for Miami Dade (250km/hr wind gusts) and LA seismic building code requirements.

  • Packages include options for clinic/office/studio use, or liveable space (combined living) use. 

  • Units can remain trailered, or be set down on to a low impact foundation system.

Units can be shipped to site fully installed, or shipped flat-packed to be installed as the building envelope on site. They're light weight, too.

The Universal Building Envelope in Production.

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