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Infographic (Superior Thermal Performanc
Superior Thermal Performance

HARMONIC eliminates thermal bridging

and is 88% more efficient compared to an

equivalent wood frame build*

*3rd Party study, Maya Heat Transfer Technologies, 2016

Infographic(High Value).png
High Value
HARMONIC is the structure, the insulation, and the vapour barrier all in one system.  HARMONIC offers professionals significant design flexibility and customization options.  Complex features such as cathedral ceilings and radius walls can be easily achieved without thermal compromise or added cost.
Infographic (Cost-effective).png

Avoid rising lumber prices and supply shortages. HARMONIC reduces the costs of materials, labor, and waste - all with shorter construction times -  while building to higher performance standards.

Benefits of Feris Harmonic

HARMONIC offers real solutions to deal with the unsustainability of lumber

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Infographic (Waste Reduction).png
Waste Reduction

No heavy equipment required. Say good bye to container waste bins. With HARMONIC, you’ll minimize property and site disruption, while optimizing trades and labor.

Infographic (Limit Damaging Ecological e
Limit Damaging Ecological Effects

HARMONIC buildings are Net Zero ready, off grid capable, and require low

maintenance. Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions for life - by as much as 50% per year*

*Hot 2000 Energy Modelling Study

Infographic (Durability).png

HARMONIC offers superior fire resistance. In addition to having solved moisture problems that have plagued SIPs and wood products, HARMONIC withstands changing climate events, and is mould, mildew, and pest resistant

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