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Build your perfect backyward studio
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Comfortable. Sustainable.
Ready when you are.

Studios and small homes
that will last a lifetime.

We're ready when you are

We believe that everyone deserves access to
sustainable, healthy, long-lasting spaces.

And that starts with what's inside the walls. 

Viva Studios and Small Homes have

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Quick Possession Units, defined:

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Viva Studios and Small Homes now offers a Quick Possession Unit (QPU) line - they're ready to roll.


A Viva QPU is any studio, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or tiny home that can be shipped, already installed, on a trailer. 

Land it on a low-impact foundation, slab on grade, or keep it on a trailer. We'll work with you to find the best solution for your needs.


Viva QPUs are turn-key units that are fully finished available for purchase or for rent.

Viva QPUs

Smart investors know that studios, ADUs, and small homes are a great way to generate income and increase property value.

‘Studios and Small Homes’ as a category sometimes goes by a variety of names. Tiny Homes and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are common terms.


Small Homes and ADUs increase your property value, and offer various financial and social benefits. ADUs can improve the value of your property by up to 30%, depending on your property and location.

"How much a small home or ADU can increase your property value will vary based on whether the ADU is viewed as additional living space or as a rental property.


In general, an ADU in many housing markets can realistically add $200,000 - $500,000 to a property’s value. And since detached ADUs cost around $200,000, that is an incredible return on your investment."

Read more about how studios and small homes are a great way to add value to your property.

Viva Good Investment

Viva units can be installed year-round
Winter, spring, summer, fall - it's easy to install in all!

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Featured Models

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Featured Models


STUDIO | 200sq ft



TINY HOME | 360sq ft



TINY HOME | 360sq ft


 SMALL HOME | 516sq ft



STUDIO | 106sq ft

Get access to the full catalogue!
Browse our designs ranging from 100 sqft studios to 2,000 sqft single-family homes — many options ready-to-order or customize to suit.

Low-impact foundation options

Viva Studios and Small Homes can stay on a trailer, land on a pad, or integrate with different environmentally-friendly foundation options, such as the following:

Low-ipact foundations
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Earth Screws



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Let's chat!
We can help you pick the Viva studio or small home that's right for you.



After all my research and decision-making, I ended up with this beautiful product that just fits and feels great.

I love it. I’ve had so much feedback that it has that peaceful, calm vibe that I was looking for. I’m really, really happy."

~Miriam L

Kingston, ON

Wellness Studio: Miriam Lyon


Get access to the full catalogue!
Browse our designs ranging from 100 sqft studios to 2,000 sqft single-family homes — many options ready-to-order or customize to suit.

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We're offering exciting
investment opportunities.

Why choose Viva Studios and Small Homes with Harmonic inside?

  • Durable and long-lasting = reduced maintenance costs

  • Superior energy performance = consistent comfort and lower utility bills

  • Healthy living space = Excellent indoor air quality and a healthier environment; Harmonic materials are mold, mildew, and pest resistant

  • Safe = Fire resistant materials that meet the highest hurricane and earthquake ratings

  • Flexible - Land your unit on a slab, low-impact foundation, or keep it on a trailer

  • Easier to build - Pre-engineered, permit-ready units to streamline your project


Viva offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact us for details.

Harmonic inside

Discover the speed and flexibility of modern modulars with Viva.
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