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We can build
MEET CLIMATE TARGETS using Canadian technology.

Let us show you how.

We've developed HOME BASE (name?)-
as a solution to the housing crisis.

Introducing HOME BASE (Viva Vitesse?).

“In order to build more homes faster, we need to change how we build homes in Canada. We are going to take the idea of a housing catalogue, which we used the last time Canada faced a housing crisis, and bring it into the 21st century. This is going to help accelerate future developments and tap into new and innovative construction methods that will make a real difference in building communities across Canada,”

Sean Fraser, minister of housing, infrastructure, and communities

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"Housing is

a human right."

Developed and made in Canada, the Viva Studio and Small Homes catalogue offers a new and innovative way to achieve rapid housing construction with less waste, less supply chain risk, and faster completion WHILE meeting or exceeding climate initiatives. 

It's not just about building more houses;

it's also about CLIMATE RESILIENCY.

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There's no place like home.

Rapid housing that's
climate resilient,
built to last.

Let's do it right the first time.

Home Base Viva Fleet

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HOME BASE (Viva Vitesse?) units streamline the building envelope process and reduce labour costs while adding significant comfort, quality of life, and climate resilient peace-of-mind for Canadians.


Harmonic is Feris's proprietary, sustainable next-generation building envelope technology that's inside every Viva unit.


How does that help reach housing and climate goals?

Every Viva unit is lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Quicker at delivery, lower costs in the long-run, and built to withstand increased and intensified climate activity.

That's a win for all Canadians

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Let's get started!

Sales inquiries: Scott McCready

Technology & Fabrication: Steve Lapp

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Why choose Viva HOME BASE
with Harmonic inside?

  • Higher standards = Impending higher performance standards mean necessary improvements in many existing buildings, and many incentives are available.

  • Superior energy performance = High-performing buildings are an environmental and regulatory necessity. 

  • Healthy living space = Excellent indoor air quality and a healthier environment is a right, not a privilege. Harmonic Retrowrap materials are mold, mildew, and pest resistant.

  • Safe = Fire-resistant materials that meet the highest hurricane and earthquake ratings

  • Flexible - No matter what your retrofit or infill needs, Retrowrap can handle them with ease.

  • Easier to build - Smaller crews, quicker install times, and less waste will smooth your roll.


Viva Studios and Small Homes offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact us for details.

Harmonic Technology

Choose from our existing line of high-performance, comfort-driven designs. 

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Sample floor plan


Let's get started!

Sales inquiries: Scott McCready

Technology & Fabrication: Steve Lapp

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