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helping people put their lives
back together.

We've developed HOME BASE -
a line of quick possession units
for insurers like you.

Introducing HOME BASE.

The property & casualty (P&C) claims process is

one of the most critical experiences

a current policyholder has with an insurance company.

Mother and Daughter Love

"My insurance company acted in my best interest."

Looking at more than 30 attributes of the claims experience, the research found that both relationship and competence factors influenced satisfaction (CSAT). The most influential was “my insurance company acted in my best interest.” (see fig. 1)

List of significant satisfaction drivers, by order of influence

Tiny homes on wheel for disaster relief

Source: The TeleTech P&C Customer Satisfaction Survey

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There's no place like home.

Show them you're listening.
Offer Viva Home Base. 

Purchase or lease your own fleet -
Reduce your operating costs

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Turn-key units shipped ranging from 100 sqft to 500 sqft

Starting at $25k

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Home Base Viva Fleet

HOME BASE offers a fleet of mobile, Quick Possession Units (QPUs) that can be used as temporary or emergency accommodations for your customers, or workers.

The big difference? They feel like home. 

HOME BASE is a perfect option in situations where it is possible for your customers to stay on, or close, to their property during the claim management period.


HOME BASE offers a wide spectrum of models and finishes, from luxurious to the essential.  We’ve partnered with other leading industry suppliers to ensure that Home Base units come equipped with the latest in smart home technology.



HOME BASE units are available at a price point that will allow you to reduce accommodation and relocation costs while adding significant comfort and quality of life to your customers during their claim period.

The Benefits

  • Shipped turn-key

  • Designed for temporary emergency housing

  • Equipped to connect to existing services

  • Designed to remain on a low-profile trailer

  • Can be inventoried on a regional basis

  • Can be redeployed for years to come

Choose from our existing line of high-performance, comfort-driven designs. 

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Expedite response time, reduce relocation costs with deployment of turn-key, ready-to-roll fleets.

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Temporary or emergency units for your customers. Or repurpose to house your teams off-site for extended periods of time, or as office space or a command center.

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Customize your own branded fleet, or choose from a line of standardized units.


Harmonic is Feris's proprietary, sustainable next-generation building envelope technology that's inside every Viva HOME BASE fleet unit.


How does that benefit you?

Well, it means that every Viva unit is lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Quicker at delivery, lower costs in the long-run.

Win for you. Win for those you insure.

Harmonic benefits 1

Let's get started!

Sales inquiries: Scott McCready

Technology & Fabrication: Steve Lapp

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Why choose Viva HOME BASE
with Harmonic inside?

  • Higher standards = Impending higher performance standards mean necessary improvements in many existing buildings, and many incentives are available.

  • Superior energy performance = High-performing buildings are an environmental and regulatory necessity. 

  • Healthy living space = Excellent indoor air quality and a healthier environment is a right, not a privilege. Harmonic Retrowrap materials are mold, mildew, and pest resistant.

  • Safe = Fire-resistant materials that meet the highest hurricane and earthquake ratings

  • Flexible - No matter what your retrofit or infill needs, Retrowrap can handle them with ease.

  • Easier to build - Smaller crews, quicker install times, and less waste will smooth your roll.


Viva Studios and Small Homes offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact us for details.

Harmonic Technology

Sample floor plan

Let's get started!

Sales inquiries: Scott McCready

Technology & Fabrication: Steve Lapp


With HOME BASE from Viva,
rest assured you'll be safe at home.

Get in touch today!

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