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You've got 99 problems

The building envelope shouldn't be
one of them

Introducing a new way from Feris -

A fully integrated building envelope solution as a service.

We work with home builders and developers
to build better, more sustainable homes
by delivering fully integrated building envelopes
at a fixed price and a fixed timeline.

It's the full envelope, simplified.

Wood frame construction still
requires the coordination of too many parts.

It's complicated and requires many levels of management.

Multiple Suppliers

Price Fluctuations



Skilled Trades



Waste Removal

The process of completing a high-quality building envelope has
never been easy.

But with Harmonic+ it's simplified.

Get ready for a better way.

Building Envelope as a Service. 

So, where exactly do we fit into your current design and build process?

It's your existing process, simplified.

Let us show you!

We're sure you'll find the Harmonic BuildTech System distinctly better
than traditional stick framing. 
et us show you how easy it is to integrate into your existing methods.
We'll do a takeoff of one of your designs for free!

The Feris Harmonic BuildTech System offers:

  • Less hassle

  • Less management

  • Less risk

  • Better quality

  • Better margins

Have your own designs?

No problem. We work peer-to-peer with third-party designers all the time. 

What about different building codes?

No worries. We're familiar with a variety of jurisdictions and are open to working within the requirements of new ones. Peer-to-peer with your engineer works for us.

Have a client that wants higher performance?

That's easy! One of the unique benefits of the Harmonic System is how easy it is to specify different levels of performance without intended cost increases. 

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Don't miss out!

Consumer interest in sustainable building is through the roof!
Get in on the action wi
th the proven advantages of the Harmonic™ System
and get ahead of the coming mandates and your competition. 



We're so sure that Feris' Harmonic™ BuildTech System  take the guesswork out of the envelope equation for you so you can focus on other things.


During the design and engineering phases, we'll create the perfect envelope solution for your builds - and that includes integrations with Harmonic™, like wood truss roofs and ICF basements.

Our goal to is provide the most durable, elegant, high-performing system for your projects - quickly, sustainably, and holistically.

You know that messy, complicated framing phase after the foundation is installed and before finishing starts? Well, that's our sweet spot. And we can make it much easier for you.

Hello Beauty, meet Comfort.

Get to know Harmonic™ 
and see why it's easier than ever to join the movement for better buildings and a brighter future.

What's so great about Harmonic?

  • Durable and long-lasting = reduced maintenance costs

  • Superior energy performance = lower utility bills

  • Excellent indoor air quality and comfort = fewer allergens

  • Flexible - Land your unit on a slab, low-impact foundation, or keep it on a trailer

  • Easy - Pre-engineered, permit-ready units to streamline your project


We put our money where our mouth is with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind

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Healthier indoor air.
Longer-lasting comfort.
No matter what it's like outside.

Don't miss out!

Consumer interest in sustainable building is through the roof!
Get in on the action with
the proven advantages of the Harmonic™ System
and get ahead of the coming mandates and your competition. 

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Why choose the Harmonic BuildTech System for your projects?

Learn more about the Harmonic solution for no cost and no obligation. Get in touch today!

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