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That's why we developed a line of our Viva Quick Possession Units called HOME BASE
specifically for the insurance industry.


No more motels, please.

In a recent survey...


Responded that they would be 'significantly more satisfied' if there was a short-term housing option that allowed them to stay on their property while their property was being restored.* (source)

Show them you're listening.
Offer Viva Home Base. 

Home Base Viva Fleet

Home Base units are available at a price point that allows you to reduce accommodation and relocation costs while adding significant comfort and quality of life to your customers during their claim period.

Home Base units can serve to house your team members who are at an off-site location for extended periods of time or can easily be adapted into an off-site office or command center.


Home Base units are available to you through either a purchase or rental model.


You can even design your own customized and branded fleet.

Home Base units are made with Harmonic inside. Harmonic is lightweight, exremely durable and long-lasting, and efficient.

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Let's work together to get your clients back to Home Base
as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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Why choose Viva HOME BASE
with Harmonic inside?

  • Higher standards = Impending higher performance standards mean necessary improvements in many existing buildings, and many incentives are available.

  • Superior energy performance = High-performing buildings are an environmental and regulatory necessity. 

  • Healthy living space = Excellent indoor air quality and a healthier environment is a right, not a privilege. Harmonic Retrowrap materials are mold, mildew, and pest resistant.

  • Safe = Fire-resistant materials that meet the highest hurricane and earthquake ratings

  • Flexible - No matter what your retrofit or infill needs, Retrowrap can handle them with ease.

  • Easier to build - Smaller crews, quicker install times, and less waste will smooth your roll.


Viva Studios and Small Homes offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact us for details.

Harmonic Technology

We're offering exciting
investment opportunities.


There are tremendous growth opportunities in the high-performance building space right now, and we're excited to be well-positioned to benefit from building for good.


Join us? 


Choose from our existing line of high-performance, comfort-driven designs. 


Discover how we can help you improve your clients' experience.
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I want to learn more about Viva Home Base 

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